• FAQs

    What are the activities performed by ABM?
    To check the ABM scope of work please go to ABM Scope of Work.
    How long will it take to become ABM accredited??
    The time between the official submission of the accreditation application and granting of accreditation depends on the following elements
    complexity of requested scope of accreditation,
    conformity level of an applicant’s work activities in relation to certain requirements,
    pplicant’s understanding of the nature of nonconformities identified during the assessment,
    how swift and efficient an applicant is at eliminating the said nonconformities.
    How much will it cost to become ABM accredited?
    Accreditation costs to be borne by applicants for accreditation and accredited conformity assessment bodies are provided in the Charging Policy Document.
    How do I check to see if a testing laboratory is accredited?
    The list of all ABM accredited conformity assessment bodies can be found on the ABM internet portal under Register of accredited organizations

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